Hole 4
Par 4 - Handicap # 1

Hole #4 is the number one handicap hole for a reason. This par 4 is a dogleg left that requires a right to left tee shot. There is water and trees on the left side that you must clear if you are trying to cut the dogleg. If you push your tee shot to the right you risk hitting through the fairway and out of bounds toward the parking lot. There is also a fairway bunker about 170 yards from the green that you will want to avoid.

The second shot on this hole does not get any easier as you will be forced to carry a large bunker in the front of the green if the hole is on the right side. There is also a bunker on the left side for any pulled shots. This is one of the flattest greens on the course however, so once you reach the green you may have a makeable putt.

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