Our Course

The Luverne Country Club provides a fun and challenging experience for golfers of all levels. The front tees measure 5,032 yards, while the back tees stretch back to 6,678 yards. Our tree lined fairways are sure to test even the best of players. Along with our course we provide a full-length driving range with practice bunker and a putting/chipping green so that golfers can work on all aspects of their games.

hole 1

Hole 1

Hole #1 provides a challenge to any golfer as their round begins. A straight shot is necessary off the tee as there is danger on either side of fairway. The right side of the fairway is tree lined with many of our large, mature trees. The left side of the fairway includes a row of trees that help to protect the golfer who pulls their tee shot from going over the road and out of bounds.

The #1 green also provides a challenge, depending on pin position. This green is elevated on the left slide and slopes from left to right. It is also protected by a bunker on the back right hand side.

hole 3

Hole 2

Hole #2 is the shortest par 5 on the course and is one of your better birdie opportunities. This hole requires a straight tee shot or you will be punching out of the trees that line the fairway for your second shot. A good drive will allow you a chance at reaching this green in two shots.

The #2 green slopes from left to right and can be challenging depending on the pin location. There is a bunker that sits on  the  left side of the green.

hole 3


Hole #3 is one of the most fun tee shots on the course. This hole is surrounded on the left side with a large pond that goes from the front left portion of the green all the way to the back left part of the green. Tee shots that are missed left will feed into the water hazard. There is also a bunker on the right side of the green.

This green is a relatively long green that slopes from front to back.

hole 3

Hole 4

Hole #4 is the number one handicap hole for a reason. This par 4 is a dogleg left that requires a right to left tee shot. There is water and trees on the left side that you must clear if you are trying to cut the dogleg. If you push your tee shot to the right you risk hitting through the fairway and out of bounds toward the parking lot. There is also a fairway bunker about 170 yards from the green that you will want to avoid.

The second shot on this hole does not get any easier as the front right side is mounded and any short shots will be rejected. There is also a bunker on the left side for any pulled shots. This is one of the flattest greens on the course however, so once you reach the green you may have a makeable putt.

hole 3

Hole 5

Hole #5 is a dogleg right with trees on both sides of the fairway. A straight shot is best here, but long hitters can take the risk of going over the trees to find the fairway.

The green on this hole slopes from top to bottom and is protected by a large bunker on the right hand side.

hole 3

 Hole 6

Hole #6 provides golfers with a couple of options off of the tee. The hole is the shortest par 4 on the course and big hitters can take a chance at the green if they are willing to take a risk. The hole doglegs to the right at 100 yards and most players should aim to the hundred yard markers.

This is also the most tricky green on the course. The green slopes severely from top to bottom and depending on pin placement can make for some very fast putts. If the pin is low you will want to stay beneath the hole so that you have an uphill putt for birdie. If the pin is back you will want to make sure that you don't hit your second shot over the green or it will most likely end up out of bounds.

hole 3

Hole 7

Hole # 7 looks like a relatively easy par 3, but there is plenty of danger up by the green. This green is long and skinny and one of the hardest greens on the course to hit.

Large mounds on the left side of the green knock any balls that are hit left out of bounds. The right side of the green also has some large mounds that provide some very difficult chips onto the green if your shot is missed to the right.

hole 3

Hole 8

Hole #8 is the longest hole on the course and it takes a big tee shot in order to hit this par 5 in two shots. This hole is relatively straight, but does dogleg slightly to the left. This is one of the larger fairways on the course, but if you miss the fairway you will almost certainly be playing a punchout for your next shot. If you do choose to go for the green on your second shot you must beware of the left side as anything that goes left of the fairway risks going out of bounds up by the green.

The green on this hole is relatively flat but is surrounded by large bunkers on both the left and right side.

hole 3

Hole 9

Hole #9 is an excellent closing hole and provides players with an excellent chance at birdie if they play the hole correctly. This downhill, slight dogleg left rewards those who hit the fairway with a short wedge shot into the green. Anyone who misses the fairway will have to navigate around trees in order to hit the green.

The green on this hole slopes from left to right and can cause some tough putts if you find yourself on the wrong side of the hole. This green is also bunker on the right side.